Our goal is to provide quality products that help people reduce their environmental impact with sustainable, ethical production. We aim to join our community in a joint quest for ever-better products, practices and information.


Our dream is to become a true general store based on environmental sustainability, waste reduction, and quality products sourced as locally as possible. We envision a space that is welcoming, inclusive, and approachable for anyone.


Hierarchy of values – ethics and sustainability, quality, affordability, locality. We value inclusivity and equitability and strive to source from companies who are like-minded. We carry a range of products for every body.

how we started

Good Company Eco Store was started by two sisters. We each had a desire to live more sustainably and, like most people, found ourselves overwhelmed with all of the information and misinformation available. We found out that it could be difficult to know which products were worth our time and money without being willing to just buy it and sometimes take considerable financial risk.

So we dreamed up a place where our community could come alongside us in our quest for knowledge and the best products. A place where you can buy things in person, ask your questions and trust the answers. A place for people with a wealth of knowledge or those who are just starting their journey – no judgement. Since that place didn’t exist in our town we decided to create it ourselves.

who we are


Carla is the brains behind Good Company Eco Store. She has been testing and researching and compiling lists in her personal search for the best sustainable products for years. Her true passion in this quest has become skin care and makeup. Her dream is to have a full makeup counter with all the best sustainable beauty products.

One of Carla’s other joys in life is naps. Sadly these are too often interrupted by her children or thoughts of looming piles of laundry and dust. She enjoys learning to longboard with the help of her husband. Carla also dreams of rebelling against bylaws by converting her front yard into food producing gardens. DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE EMPIRE!


Janine loves everyday eco practices. She is very enthusiastic about her outdoor clothesline all summer long. She also keeps 4 lovely hens in her backyard. “The Aunties” eat all the scraps her household of 6 produces and in return she gets fresh eggs and the pleasant noise of chickens when she is reading on her deck. Janine also really loves biking to her jobs. Jobs? Yes, jobs. Janine is also a part-time coach at her gym where she gets to help people become strong, accomplished and empowered.

In her spare time, you can find Janine sitting alone in her car scrolling Instagram or playing Wordle before she goes into the house. She also enjoys going on solitary walks, listening to SmartLess to give her brain a break. Janine is known to talk to herself incessantly, and her record for consecutive sneezes is 12.